Spotted: Series 3 in Lusaka

Still going strong at 40 or 50 years old, this series 3 has been outfitted with reflector strips, a towing hook with emergency lights and hand winch, rear headache rack with side bars, and bush bar with driving light bar. It could use a few more wheel lugs though! Plated as EV-53, this is possibly the 53rd emergency vehicle registered in the country or region. The Series 3 contained some refinements such as syncro gears, a revised dashboard, taller seat backs, and sturdy door hinges. It is distinguished from Series 2 and 2a by the headlights placed out on the wings instead of in the centre on the grille, and from the late 2a by a moulded plastic grille rather than the traditional wire one. Bonus sighting of a Defender emergency vehicle at the Solwezi airport, along with a Zambian Air Force Harbin Y-12.