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  • Belting it out

    Belting it out

    A rattling noise that occurs at higher rpms near the top of each gear and may at first seem to be a dying mainshaft bearing or oil throwing wheel gone bad may in fact have a much simpler fix. Opening the bonnet whilst attempting to duplicate the behaviour reveals that the screeching sound seems to…

  • Craig’s Auto Camp

    Craig’s Auto Camp

    The late morning sun streams through into a clearing in the forest. The sound of the sea is in the distance and the flowers are blooming. For more than four decades starting in the 1930s for $1 per night road-weary overlanders could stay at Craig’s Auto Camp on the sea near Parksville. Today the last…

  • Northern rover

    Northern rover

    A chance meeting along a dark shore, good reminders of times long past, and encouragement for the future. A rare sighting of spectacular aurora on Vancouver Island. Not only visible, but under perfectly clear skies, dancing directly overhead, filling the skies, and including pink and red colours that are rarely seen this far south. See…

  • Blacksmith style jumpers

    Blacksmith style jumpers

    A simply-made d.i.y. set of heavy-duty jumper cables assembled from welding ground cables and clamps. Sturdy construction, highly flexible and wear-resistant, plenty of copper and a very strong bite for good connections. The negative clamps are differentiated by a coat of traditional tree-source urushi lacquer, normally used for Japanese sword scabbards. The two cables are…

  • Museum forge

    Museum forge

    One of the current projects at the Parksville Museum forge involves hand crafting knives from series rover leaf springs. Series spring steel has not changed spec since the first in 1948 and replacements today are even made with the same composition. The projects shown below are made from original 1965 series 2a steel by heating…

  • At the museum

    At the museum

    Poppy is currently earning her keep hauling blacksmithing tools to and from the Parksville Museum. Generally on Saturdays from spring to late summer the forge is open and running knifemaking demonstrations in conjunction with the artist-in-residence program as the weather permits, which means a couple hundred lbs of tools need to be carted to the…

  • Secret drive

    Secret drive

    A lovely private drive winding in and out of the shadows of the forest on a sunny afternoon. A path beckons to one side, where might it lead? We are grateful for the invitations and opportunities as they come. Choose wisely, make the most of what is available, and steward it well.

  • Downtown Qualicum Beach

    Downtown Qualicum Beach

    A couple of edited snaps from a slightly rainy afternoon on the downtown streets outside a skateboard art gallery event opening. Qualicum Beach is home to one of Canada’s oldest and most infamous skateboard shops, Skull Skates, and the town is in the process of building a new skateboard park.

  • Spring blossoms

    Spring blossoms

    A stop to enjoy the view and make a new friend on an island spring afternoon. The blue sky and fresh blossoms herald the new season. The winter has passed, the summer will come–until then, one day at a time.

  • New leaf

    New leaf

    Taking a few moments to enjoy a spring morning on the island after a long haul. The blue sky and green leaves and fresh blossoms hint at something just around the corner–a change is in the air. Moving forward one day at a time, enjoying the journey along the way.

  • Moss carpet

    Moss carpet

    One last moment to enjoy an island afternoon before a long haul. The contrasting colours of the green moss and the reddish brush as the light changes with the drifting clouds. Oh, for such an endless road of sturdy moss carpet to follow to adventure…

  • Winter sea

    Winter sea

    Golden light shining under the clouds on a grey day by the seaside. Distant mist and hints of rain obscure the forest and mountains and they slide away into the distance. Waves crash steadily and a seabird wheels on the wind.

  • Last snow

    Last snow

    A couple of photos to commemorate the last (late!) snowfall of the year, making a comeback after it seemed long finished. Poppy is a 1966 series 2a 109″ Land Rover similar to one that was in the family several decades ago. The snow was quite wet and melted and slid off of the warm surfaces…

  • Adjusting the bonnet catch

    Adjusting the bonnet catch

    It is always nice to come across a piece of equipment that was designed with future adjustability in mind. Perhaps a little known fact is that the bonnet (hood) catch on a series rover can be adjusted to compensate for wear and change over the years. There is a nut above the spring that locks…

  • Canvas Bonnet Strip

    Canvas Bonnet Strip

    Series rovers originally had braided canvas cord filler strips along the front of the bonnet to cushion the closing or contact point and prevent unnecessary airflow or dust entry. At some point long ago this one had been replaced with a self-adhesive foam strip, which had subsequently degraded. Replacements in the original style are now…