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  • Spotted: Defender at Solwezi airport

    Spotted: Defender at Solwezi airport

    A year 2000 with relatively low mileage and still working every day, this Defender 110 emergency fire response vehicle at the Solwezi airport has a pickup cab and carries a heavy duty fire pump, tools, and a smaller hose of its own. Bonus sighting of a Zambian Air Force Harbin Y-12.

  • Spotted: Series 3 in Lusaka

    Spotted: Series 3 in Lusaka

    Still going strong at 40 or 50 years old, this series 3 has been outfitted with reflector strips, a towing hook with emergency lights and hand winch, rear headache rack with side bars, and bush bar with driving light bar. It could use a few more wheel lugs though! Plated as EV-53, this is possibly…

  • The rivets have arrived

    The rivets have arrived

    The long-awaited, hard-sought semi-tubular truss head rivets in a particular size and length for the roof to galvanized drip channel made their way across the pond at long last. First order of business was to remove all the bolts holding the roof to the windscreen and sides, then drill and punch out all of the…

  • Spotted: Defender 110 pickup

    Spotted: Defender 110 pickup

    This may actually be built on a One Ten (pre-1990 defender) rather than a defender as it appears to have the older door handles, sliding window door tops, and windscreen hinges…or it could just be retro-fitted. It has been enhanced with a winch, heavy rock sliders, fog lights, heritage style grille and headlight surrounds, some…

  • Spotted: Series 3 88″ with pickup cab

    Spotted: Series 3 88″ with pickup cab

    Series 3 88″ with a pickup cab and plenty of original galvanized trim. Tire on the bonnet, wing top mirrors, military bonnet latches, sliding windows, locking hubs, some added seats, and a little bit of chequerplate. Short wheelbase with a pickup cab is always such a cute configuration but just as tough as its brothers,…

  • Overland Views: Zambian Blacksmith

    Overland Views: Zambian Blacksmith

    Often simple is the best way. This Zambian blacksmith is using hand-tanned antelope skins over baked clay pots, tied on with bicycle tube rubber for an air supply. His forge is natural clay, and the charcoal is homemade, some of it on-the-fly around the edges of his forge. The large sledgehammer in the lower left…

  • Spotted: Series 2a in Angola

    Spotted: Series 2a in Angola

    The Series 2 and 2a are considered some of the most hardy and iconic of the Land Rover models. In the early 60s my grandparents had this lovely 1962 series 2a 109″, very similar to Poppy. Theirs was equipped with a pickup cab, tropical roof, galvanized hoops/rack, and canvas back. In that era and in…

  • Land Rover legacy

    Land Rover legacy

    I still remember the exact place I was standing and the exact moment as a young child that I first heard the name of an adventurous-sounding machine called, “Land Rover”, visualizing the scenes as I heard tales of traversing difficult terrain in deepest Africa where few vehicles could go and few sojourners would venture. It…