Meet Poppy, Series 2a 109″

Poppy is a 1966 series 2a 109″ Land Rover that was made for the Canadian market and has been in British Columbia since it was new. It spent about 23 years driving the back roads around Kamloops and then about 30 sitting in a garage. Beginning in 2019 it has entered its next phase of life and is slowly being overhauled and enjoyed along the way. It is very similar to one that my grandparents had many years ago in Angola.

Some of the quaintness of a Series 2a comes from a tall, narrow-track proportions, centered headlights on the grill, and curving wings (fenders) out front. This one has two doors with sliding windows, three seats across in front, one double jumpseat in the back, a hardtop with side windows, and a tailgate and “cat-flap” door in the back.

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