History – Poppy Series 2a 109

This 1966 Land Rover Series 2a 109″ was purchased new at a Canadian dealership and has been in the same family since 1970. It spent about 23 years on the road in the Kamloops area, mostly locally to the lakes for ice fishing and hunting, and has 67k miles on the odometer. The original colour was Limestone from head to toe, it has a hardtop with side windows, a tailgate and “cat-flap” door, and probably had two double jump seats in the back.

It sat for about 30 years in a garage, then in 2019 the Rover experts of Clapperton Ranch went over the mechanicals and electrical and got it up and running again. The engine is the 2.25L petrol and the exterior is in reasonable shape but has some character. It went in a few local car shows in the summers but mostly sat unused again until it was time for a new home.

It is mostly all original but well-used, the frame seems in reasonable shape, though there appears to have been some body damage on a couple of corners that was repaired before it was resprayed by a friend of the previous owner several decades ago. The name “Poppy” is a classic British girls’ name, and also alludes to the family title for their grandpa who drove it all those years ago.