Mind the gap

Some gracious friends allowed the use of their dry climate controlled space during a brief window when it was available. Since the arrival of the rivets, the onset of the wet and wintery season has prevented any work on sealing the drip rail around the roof. This timely opening provides the opportunity to move forward on that project.

The vehicle was thoroughly dried out and an application of Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure was applied to each rivet and allowed to dry for 48h. Then the roof rail was masked off using tape so that a generous layer of Sikaflex 291 could be applied in the gutter to seal the joint between galvanized steel and aluminum and allowed to cure for another 48h. Applying the Sikaflex 291 was a bit messier than it could be but this is a marine grade product so it should adhere well to aluminum and resist vibration and weathering reasonably well.