Galvanized resolve

At some point many decades ago a friend of the previous owner spray-painted the inside of the tub in grey and the outside of the vehicle in off-white. Most of the galvanized steel material was also covered with spray paint, particularly inside, but as it does not hold well it was flaking off in many places. A gentle but vigorous wire brushing by hand removes most of this, with a little help from a wire wheel on a drill for the deep or thickly-coated areas.

Galvanized capping inside and the mounting for the spare tire were all coated in flaking grey spray, along with the interior surface of the whole rear tub (and check those old seals!).

Before (above) contrasted with after (below) as some of the galvanized steel emerges, plenty more to do yet though!

In order to continue working towards leakage control, the drip rail around the roof was freed of dried and hardened caulking by scraping, chipping, and brushing. This preparation work allows access to repair or replace the rivets that attach the galvanized rail to the aluminum roof.