Check straps, tow hitch, boots

Series 2a rovers have flexible axle check straps to keep the suspension from overextending. One of these was near the end of its useful life and the other had broken and was replaced by an over-length section of cargo strapping. A proper new pair ensures the suspension will be protected and functioning as intended.

The tow hitch had been bent, the top slightly downwards and the bottom quite a bit upwards (with evidence of a yellow paint scrape underneath). A 4 foot antique crow bar was just enough leverage to ease the steel back to its original position, blacksmith style.

The rubber boots around the gear shift and transfer case levers had perished so a new set were fitted to cut down on noise, dust, and moisture entering from below.

The steering column seal in the dash panel/bulkhead had perished as well and a new one was fitted.

Whilst cleaning out the floor, seat, and dash area the defroster hoses and trays were removed and cleaned inside and out as well.