2019 Series 2a 109″ mechanical restoration

After sitting for about 30 years in a garage, this 1966 Land Rover Series 2a 109″ was sent to the rover experts of Clapperton Ranch in 2019 for a refresh. Alan Simpson and Monty Kinvig also restored the famous CanadianGrizzly Torque“, in 2015.

The goal for this ol’ rover was to be able to participate in some of the local car shows in the summers so the partial restoration was limited to mechanical and electrical systems, just enough to get it up and running again without changing the aged character or breaking the bank. Most of the parts remain original at this point.

Some of the areas that were worked on include wiring harness, lamps, brakes, clutch, carburetter, swivel housing, u-joints, fuel pump, heater core, manifolds, exhaust, water pump, and seat upholstery. See more of the engine here.