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  • Craig’s Auto Camp

    Craig’s Auto Camp

    The late morning sun streams through into a clearing in the forest. The sound of the sea is in the distance and the flowers are blooming. For more than four decades starting in the 1930s for $1 per night road-weary overlanders could stay at Craig’s Auto Camp on the sea near Parksville. Today the last…

  • Northern rover

    Northern rover

    A chance meeting along a dark shore, good reminders of times long past, and encouragement for the future. A rare sighting of spectacular aurora on Vancouver Island. Not only visible, but under perfectly clear skies, dancing directly overhead, filling the skies, and including pink and red colours that are rarely seen this far south. See…

  • Three poles

    Three poles

    A location once known as “four poles” now down to three. The last remnant of a bygone era––now a landmark and meeting point. Most things change, some for the better, some disappear altogether, and some things remain. Keep a proper perspective and cultivate good fruit that remains.

  • Defender on the island

    Defender on the island

    1997 was the last year Land Rover Defenders were made for the Japanese and North American markets due to the increasingly heavy-handed safety regulations being introduced. It was also the only year that an automatic transmission was offered. The JAS and NAS are almost identical, even to the point of being left-hand-drive, powered by the…

  • Bringing Daisy home

    Bringing Daisy home

    Daisy is a 1997 Japan Specification Land Rover Defender 90 (#594) that was made for the Japanese market, after a few years in the Tokyo area spent most of its life near Osaka driven and cared for by a Japanese woman, and is largely original still and in reasonable shape for a 27-year-old vehicle. Beginning…

  • When I cross over

    When I cross over

    Some heavily-edited and interesting vistas crossing over to the lower mainland to pick up Daisy, a 1997 Japan Specification Land Rover Defender 90 that spent most of its life in the Kansai area. The final voyage for the hard-working Rad on its way to a new home. See more posts related to Daisy’s journey, restoration,…

  • Winter sea

    Winter sea

    Golden light shining under the clouds on a grey day by the seaside. Distant mist and hints of rain obscure the forest and mountains and they slide away into the distance. Waves crash steadily and a seabird wheels on the wind.

  • Golden view

    Golden view

    After several cloudy, frosty, and wet days the sunshine breaking through is a welcome sight. After walking the beach for awhile, trying to go as far as possible just balancing on logs, the cold starts to bite but after returning to the shelter of the rover the sunny view outside almost looks warm in the…

  • Perspective


    Light and shadow, crest and trough, sea and sky. Counterpoints which become more apparent by juxtaposition. Some outtakes from recent stops at the seaside. The brewing sky and rolling sea provided some lovely seascapes for experiments in editing to emulate various types of vintage film and processing.

  • Sushi & surf

    Sushi & surf

    It was so windy that the local windsurfers were out on their lunch break tackling the breakers rolling in. A lovely view, a takeout meal from Sam’s Sushi, and the rover providing a sheltered place to enjoy it all. Gratitude for the small moments and opportunities to connect with those around us.

  • Dining in, looking ahead

    Dining in, looking ahead

    A cool breezy meal by the seaside is relatively cozy when sitting up front on the “elephant hide” couch and looking out through the windscreen at the view. The brewing sky, rolling sea, and birds on the wind provided some pensive seascapes for dining while reflecting on those gone before and the hope of the…

  • Snow at the beach

    Snow at the beach

    Snow and seaside together is a relatively rare view in these parts, a lovely combination. The long winter shadows of the trees couldn’t keep the afternoon sun off the water as the waves roared in. Quite relaxing listening to the sound and enjoying the light for a while before tackling the snowy hills up to…

  • Stormy seaside views

    Stormy seaside views

    What a difference a day can make! In contrast to the sunny but cold seaside adventure this day was much warmer but the seas and sky more brooding. Two stops and a walk around the point to explore the beach and stand in awe of the waves rolling in over sand and rock.

  • Sunny seaside views

    Sunny seaside views

    The sun broke through the clouds and provided some lovely light as we stopped by a rocky beach strewn with driftwood logs and lashed with foamy waves. Small outings, even for only and hour or two can be had nearby and fit into almost any schedule. It was relaxing to have the feeling of an…

  • The harvest is near

    The harvest is near

    Golden light on susuki grass along the Salish Sea. Bright ripening stalks, moody blue seas, and hazy mountains herald the change of seasons. “A harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” “Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy!”