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  • Defender on the island

    Defender on the island

    1997 was the last year Land Rover Defenders were made for the Japanese and North American markets due to the increasingly heavy-handed safety regulations being introduced. It was also the only year that an automatic transmission was offered. The JAS and NAS are almost identical, even to the point of being left-hand-drive, powered by the…

  • Mainland adventure

    Mainland adventure

    A quick stop next to an ivy covered tree along the upper edge of the river. While on the lower mainland, Daisy had a few things taken care of including a provincial inspection, refresh of wheels and tires, daytime running lights, front bumper cleanup and powder coating, and a general look-over. We are grateful to…

  • When I cross over

    When I cross over

    Some heavily-edited and interesting vistas crossing over to the lower mainland to pick up Daisy, a 1997 Japan Specification Land Rover Defender 90 that spent most of its life in the Kansai area. The final voyage for the hard-working Rad on its way to a new home. See more posts related to Daisy’s journey, restoration,…

  • Japanese countryside

    Japanese countryside

    A curated collection of images from the countryside of Japan in early spring. The mist can be heavy in the mornings and the days are still cool but the sun is beginning to warm the earth. There are a few spring greens but most of the winter colours remain. Plum blossoms are out, sakura have…

  • Misty mountain morning

    Misty mountain morning

    With most of the deciduous leaves fallen the morning sun can reach farther now. A look at the interior with the sunlight streaming through the windows and melting the overnight frost. Most of the winter preparation is complete with just a few door seals to install yet. Quite a bit more clean–and almost cozy–in here…

  • Mountain to sea

    Mountain to sea

    Enjoying tea on the water with a great view of the early Fall sunset sky. Celebrating a long journey well traveled from the mountains to the sea and looking forward to the next season of the adventure. The series 2a dash is simple, honest, and unpretentious––as they say: what you see is what you get!

  • Bringing Poppy home

    Bringing Poppy home

    Though this 1966 Series 2a Land Rover had a basic mechanical refresh in 2019 at the hands of the experts of Clapperton Ranch, it had largely sat in the garage for the four years since. Needless to say, there was some ambiguity about the fitness of the vehicle to make the journey through the mountains…

  • Mountain road trip

    Mountain road trip

    From the interior to the island, through the mountains in a 1966 Series 2a Land Rover on a lovely late summer day. Series Land Rovers have a unique style and presence that sure does make friends along the way and bring back memories for people like few other vehicles can!

  • Overland views: Canadian Rockies

    Overland views: Canadian Rockies

    Near the limits of the tree line, where only coniferous trees dare to grow, next to the thundering glacier water and the jagged bare rock. In an era when Land Rovers were conquering many hard to reach areas. Scanned from slides documenting the journeys of daily life in the great white north in years gone…