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  • Article: Classic Land Rover magazine

    Article: Classic Land Rover magazine

    Forged Through Fire Classic Land Rover Magazine, August 2024 Words by Jan Hyrman with Dave Friesen, photos by Dave Friesen I think most if not all of this magazine’s readers will agree that metal can be shaped to create things that are by essence utilitarian but are beautiful to look at. Some, in our eyes…

  • Forging rovers

    Forging rovers

    Rover steel knives are being crafted in conjunction with the artist-in-residence program at the museum this year––a tool for adventure made from a vehicle for adventure! Series spring steel has not changed spec since the first in 1948 and replacements today are even made with the same composition. The works in progress below are made…

  • Museum forge

    Museum forge

    One of the current projects at the Parksville Museum forge involves hand crafting knives from series rover leaf springs. Series spring steel has not changed spec since the first in 1948 and replacements today are even made with the same composition. The projects shown below are made from original 1965 series 2a steel by heating…

  • At the museum

    At the museum

    Poppy is currently earning her keep hauling blacksmithing tools to and from the Parksville Museum. Generally on Saturdays from spring to late summer the forge is open and running knifemaking demonstrations in conjunction with the artist-in-residence program as the weather permits, which means a couple hundred lbs of tools need to be carted to the…

  • Feeling at home

    Feeling at home

    A first visit to the forest on the island with Daisy, a 1997 Japan Specification Land Rover Defender 90 that spent a good portion of its life in the Kansai area. The air is still cool but the light makes it feel like spring is arriving. Several small items have been checked off slowly so…

  • Secret drive

    Secret drive

    A lovely private drive winding in and out of the shadows of the forest on a sunny afternoon. A path beckons to one side, where might it lead? We are grateful for the invitations and opportunities as they come. Choose wisely, make the most of what is available, and steward it well.

  • Mainland adventure

    Mainland adventure

    A quick stop next to an ivy covered tree along the upper edge of the river. While on the lower mainland, Daisy had a few things taken care of including a provincial inspection, refresh of wheels and tires, daytime running lights, front bumper cleanup and powder coating, and a general look-over. We are grateful to…

  • When I cross over

    When I cross over

    Some heavily-edited and interesting vistas crossing over to the lower mainland to pick up Daisy, a 1997 Japan Specification Land Rover Defender 90 that spent most of its life in the Kansai area. The final voyage for the hard-working Rad on its way to a new home. See more posts related to Daisy’s journey, restoration,…

  • New leaf

    New leaf

    Taking a few moments to enjoy a spring morning on the island after a long haul. The blue sky and green leaves and fresh blossoms hint at something just around the corner–a change is in the air. Moving forward one day at a time, enjoying the journey along the way.

  • Japanese countryside

    Japanese countryside

    A curated collection of views from the countryside of Japan in early spring. The mist can be heavy in the mornings and the days are still cool but the sun is beginning to warm the earth. There are a few spring greens but most of the winter colours remain. Plum blossoms are out, sakura have…

  • Spotted: Series 1 88″

    Spotted: Series 1 88″

    An afternoon drive on the back roads reveals a Series 1 rover resting in a little-known location under its blanket of moss, dappled by the sunlight reaching the deep forest floor.

  • Last snow

    Last snow

    A couple of photos to commemorate the last (late!) snowfall of the year, making a comeback after it seemed long finished. Poppy is a 1966 series 2a 109″ Land Rover similar to one that was in the family several decades ago. The snow was quite wet and melted and slid off of the warm surfaces…

  • Fern forest

    Fern forest

    An update on Poppy with some photos in a lovely setting. Poppy is a 1966 series 2a 109″ Land Rover that was made for the Canadian market and has been in British Columbia since it was new and is largely original still. It spent about 23 years driving the back roads around Kamloops and then…

  • Evening shade

    Evening shade

    A rare dry and still winter evening on the edge of the forest provides a few moments to inspect some series rover details in the fading light. A longer lens with a very shallow depth-of-field is challenging to set correctly as darkness falls but the visual effect is unique. One of the interesting bits of…

  • Frosty morning

    Frosty morning

    The night air from the forest has crystallized into delicate ice sculptures on every surface. The sun breaks low through the trees and helps take the edge off as the morning unfolds. On a cold frosty day this old machine is quite happy to have a block heater–a couple of hours plugged in and she…