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  • Spotted: Series 1 88″

    Spotted: Series 1 88″

    An afternoon drive on the back roads reveals a Series 1 rover resting in a little-known location under its blanket of moss, dappled by the sunlight reaching the deep forest floor.

  • Spotted: Series 3 88″ with pickup cab

    Spotted: Series 3 88″ with pickup cab

    Series 3 88″ with a pickup cab and plenty of original galvanized trim. Tire on the bonnet, wing top mirrors, military bonnet latches, sliding windows, locking hubs, some added seats, and a little bit of chequerplate. Short wheelbase with a pickup cab is always such a cute configuration but just as tough as its brothers,…

  • A (very) brief history of Land Rovers

    A (very) brief history of Land Rovers

    The designer of the Land Rover was using an old ww2 surplus Willys Jeep for farm work and when it began falling apart decided to make a rugged vehicle to replace its usefulness. Additionally the Rover Co. needed to quickly produce a stop-gap utility vehicle for export sales in order to qualify for steel rations.…