Roof and sides removal

Series 2a rovers are designed with modular configurations. They can have canvas tops, hard tops, pickup cabs, or no tops at all. Even the door tops are removable and the windscreen can be folded forward onto the spare tire for low profile style and full air flow. Driving around town with the top open is lovely on a warm sunny day!

Three main tasks were set while the roof and side panels were removed: to remove the perished rubber seals along roof and sides, to clean the rest of the galvanized rail/capping and tub, and to repair some of the roof rivet issues.

It takes approximately 40 bolts to dismantle the roof from the sides and windscreen and the sides from the tub. The parts are relatively light being made mainly from aluminum, but lifting the roof of a 109″ is a bit cumbersome for one person alone. The interior looks lovely still in its original limestone paint.

The rubber seals had long ago perished, in the true sense of the word–becoming completely useless for the original intended purpose–and required some intensive digging, cutting, and scraping to remove. The proper replacement parts are still available though if one knows where to look.

Having the back in pieces was a great opportunity to scrub and hose out the tub, outside and inside of the panels and roof, and clean as much galvanized material as possible wire brushing by hand or gently from a wheel as needed.