Preparing for winter

A brief but early slushy snowfall brought on an urgency to prepare for the coming rain and snowy season. With nowhere indoors to park or work it is important to get everything put back together and sealed up as best as possible. The sides and details of the rear tub were reinstalled, as many loose rivets as possible were tightened up around the galvanized roof rail, the spare tire was moved behind the seat from the bonnet–as lovely as it looks there, and the top and bottom of the windscreen sealed.

After installing the new side seals (remember the old ones?) and bolting the sides to the tub all around, the spare tire was bolted back into its now paint-free galvanized storage spot, rear toolbox lids and taillight covers reinstalled, rear seatbelt and folding jumpseat bolted back in place.

After tightening as many rivets as possible around the galvanized roof rail, the windscreen to bulkhead seal was put in, the windscreen folded up, and the windscreen to roof seal put in and then the roof bolted on, and finally the defroster trays and hoses reinstalled for cold mornings. The frayed and broken cord for the block heater was also replaced with a silicone version which should better handle the exhaust manifold heat.